[rt-users] Unable to connect to MySQL during RT upgrade

Bill Cole rtusers-20090205 at billmail.scconsult.com
Tue Oct 11 00:00:36 EDT 2016

On 10 Oct 2016, at 19:56, Alex Hall wrote:

>> On Oct 10, 2016, at 18:18, Keith Edmunds <kae at midnighthax.com> wrote:
>>> The 'update-rt-siteconfig' command still seems to be working on the 
>>> 4.2.8
>>> install, not the new 4.4.1.
>> update-alternatives(8)
> Typing the (8) exactly as shown gives me a syntax error, while leaving 
> it off offers options that don't appear to be what I'm after.

I believe that was a suggestion that you consult the documentation for 
"update-alternatives" in the system manual page collection, section 8. 
Or in command form:

man 8 update-alternatives

The "<topic>(<section>)" shorthand as a way to refer to man pages is 
traditional Unix-ese, derived from the page headers of the V7 Research 
Unix system manual (a thing made of actual paper.)

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