[rt-users] "Group By" Error with CustomFields

Fisher, Michael (SON) Michael_Fisher at URMC.Rochester.edu
Mon Oct 17 09:56:20 EDT 2016


I’ve had this error going on for the last 2 years or so (the cause seemed to be driven by adding a new Custom Field configuration). I’ve been on the 4.0 release for a while (upgraded to various versions through the 2.x and 3.x series). I hoped that it would fix itself when I migrated up to 4.4 (only done in test so far), but no such luck.

It is generated any time a ticket is shown through the web interface, so it’s a pretty frequent error!

Oct 16 17:40:36 helium postgres[4097]: [5-1] ERROR:  column "main.name" must appear in the GROUP BY clause or be used in an aggregate function at character 8
Oct 16 17:40:36 helium postgres[4097]: [5-2] STATEMENT:  SELECT main.* FROM CustomFields main JOIN ObjectCustomFields ObjectCustomFields_1  ON ( ObjectCustomFields_1.CustomField = main.id )  WHERE (ObjectCustomFields_1.ObjectId = '33' OR ObjectCustomFields_1.ObjectId = '0') AND (main.Disabled = '0') AND (main.LookupType = 'RT::Queue-RT::Ticket-RT::Transaction')   GROUP BY main.id   ORDER BY MIN(ObjectCustomFields_1.SortOrder) ASC

When this fails, it seems to also prevent the Custom Fields functionality from working at all, which is a bummer.

I tried deleting everything from CustomFields, CustomFieldValues, ObjectCustomFields, and ObjectCustomFieldValues, but this didn’t help.

Environment: FreeBSD 9.3 (migrating to 10.3), PostgreSQL 9.1 (migrating to 9.5), RT 4.0.24 (migrating to 4.4.1).

I did a new RT 4.4.1 build/database in a VM and compared the schemas between my upgraded RT database and the clean one, and I didn’t see significant differences in the CustomFields, CustomFieldValues, ObjectCustomFields, and ObjectCustomFieldValues tables.

Any suggestions on what I could do to help resolve this error?


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