[rt-users] "Hidden" tickets suddenly appear

Martin Wheldon martin.wheldon at greenhills-it.co.uk
Wed Oct 26 04:27:43 EDT 2016

Hi Jeff,

If you examine the ticket history of the problem ticket it should tell 
you what happened
for it to be set back to the "new" status.

Is it being reopened by a reply to a email from the pervious ticket 
corespondance perhaps??

Best Regards


On 2016-10-25 16:00, Jeff Blaine wrote:
> RT 4.2.13 backed by PostgreSQL, though I feel like we've been
> experiencing the following for many versions.
> I've been suspect for quite some time, but thought maybe I was losing 
> my
> mind instead. I've confirmed finally that I am not losing my mind re: 
> RT
> in this specific case. We are definitely seeing the following 
> situation.
> I'm curious if anyone has thoughts as to where to start debugging the
> root cause.
> I use a simple saved search as my view into RT at work. Others using
> this queue also use a similar one. The query is:
>     Queue = 'atcc-help'
>     AND
>        (
>           Status = 'new'
>           OR Status = 'open'
>           OR Status = 'stalled'
>        )
>     AND (
>            Owner = 'Nobody'
>            OR Owner = 'jblaine at our.org'
>         )
> The display settings for the search have "Rows: Unlimited"
> It results in a daily list of 70-120 tickets.
> We are seeing tickets appear in this list, where they have never
> appeared in the list before, after some period of being in the queue. 
> In
> most cases, the mystery ticket has a "Created" date of more than a few
> weeks ago. The most recent case was 5 months. That is, a ticket with
> "Created" of around 5 months ago, and in "new" status, showed up in the
> results of the search above where it never had shown up before.
> As you can imagine, this is terrible for customer service. Luckily it
> seems pretty rare. I would estimate that we see this happen ~5 times 
> per
> year, and then have to start the very awkward conversation about how 
> the
> ticket "slipped through our cracks".
> Thoughts very welcome.
> Jeff
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