[rt-users] Greetings from a New RT user in Toronto.

Jeff Voskamp javoskamp at uwaterloo.ca
Wed Oct 26 14:26:20 EDT 2016

On 25/10/16 12:18 PM, Reza wrote:
> Greetings Jeff:
> Thank you for your reply.
> The use case for random IDs is quite simple.   Ascending / serial 
> number of IDs compromises confidentiality.  End users would be able to 
> guess how busy I could be with the amount of tickets answered.  Its 
> something I don't want to disclose.   Almost ALL ticketing systems I 
> have seen, have a random arbitrary numeric or alpha-numeric ID.  Any 
> other suggestions on how to approach not displaying an obvious number 
> to end users?
> Thanks!
> Reza.

The increasing ticket number is baked into the Ticket table definition:

There's probably bits of code that assume this works this way.


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