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On Oct 26, 2016, at 2:29 PM, Alex Hall <ahall at autodist.com<mailto:ahall at autodist.com>> wrote:

Hi all,
The way our company uses RT, there's no need to distinguish between comments and replies, and users may use either one without realizing the difference. In my new email template, I want to show whichever was set. My template works fine without the two if statements I'm trying to use, but as soon as I put them in, it fails. The odd thing is that, though the email using the template is never sent, I don't get any errors at all. When I was missing a dollar sign earlier, I got an error--an error not really related to the dollar sign, but an error. Now, though, I get nothing whatsoever. Here's the snippet:

{ if (my $transactionCorrespond = $Transaction->correspond) { $transactionCorrespond
} elsif (my $transactionComment = $Transaction->comment) { $transactionComment }

I don't know what's so wrong with that bit of code, but there must be something. I don't really speak Perl, and the only page I've found thus far that enumerates the Transaction object properties isn't overly helpful, so I'm guessing at the properties I need. Can anyone see what I've done wrong here? Thanks.

Since $Transaction is a thing then $Transaction->correspond is empty since it's not a thing.  This is why you'll get no errors.

Try this:
  if ($self->TransactionObj->Type eq 'Correspond') {
    # something
  } elsif ($self->TransactionObj->Type eq 'Comment') {
    # something else
  } else {
    # Not a Comment or Correspond transaction

Or something that actually does exactly what your pseudocode does:
{ $self->TransactionObj->Type }

I have found these very helpful in the past:

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