[rt-users] applying script to single queue

Todd Wade waveright at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 19:14:31 EDT 2016

On 10/26/16 12:51 PM, Alex Hall wrote:
> After everything I've learned about RT, I feel like I should know this
> without even having to think about it, but I don't. How do I apply a
> script to a single queue, so I can take a seldom-used queue and test out
> new templates?
> I've gone to the queue, then scripts, but when I click a script to
> modify it, I am told it applies globally. When I click the link to
> change that, I just get a table of globally applied scripts, a table of
> unused scripts, and that's all. How do I make a script--or a clone of a
> script, if I have to do it that way--apply to just one queue? Thanks in
> advance.

Navigate to 'Admin -> Scrips'. Select the scrip, and on the 'Edit Scrip' 
screen select 'Applies to' and check the 'check this box to remove this 
scrip from all objects and be able to choose specific objects.' checkbox 
and click submit.

Notice that the header of the table that lists all the queues is 
'Unselected objects'. At that point the scrip is disabled, and the UI is 
listing the queues to allow you to choose which ones you want it to 
apply to.

Check the checkbox in the row of the queue you want the scrip to apply 
to and click Submit. Now there are two tables of queues, one labled 
'Selected objects' and one labeled 'Unselected objects'. Now the scrip 
will only apply to the queues listed under 'Selected objects'.

Note that because the scrip is no longer globally applied, you can't get 
to it from the 'Admin -> Scrips' screen. You have to navigate to 'Admin 
-> Global -> Scrips' to get back to the scrip.


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