[rt-users] Query for custom fields using 'NOT LIKE' is no longer working

Landon Stewart lstewart at internap.com
Wed Sep 7 12:27:43 EDT 2016

On Sep 7, 2016, at 5:01 AM, Keith Creasy <kcreasy at aph.org<mailto:kcreasy at aph.org>> wrote:

Hi everyone.

We are using RT 4.2.7. I think this used to work but now it isn’t. In a query like this:

Queue = 'Nimas' AND Priority > 49 AND (  Status = 'new' OR Status = 'open' OR Status = 'development' ) AND Due > 0 AND CF.{Type} NOT LIKE ‘Epic’

The “NOT LIKE” operator doesn’t work. I’ve tried it using the Query Builder and using Advanced. The “LIKE” operator does work. Does anyone have an idea for solving this?

I'm not sure if this means anything but on my screen the single quotes around the word Epic are different than the other words that have single quotes.


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