[rt-users] An internal RT error has occurred on People tab

Andy Smith a.smith at ldex.co.uk
Thu Sep 8 05:12:50 EDT 2016

Hi all, 

  our RT system has been suffering from this annoying problem for months
where, only sometimes, when you go to the "People" tab of a ticket it
displays the error "An internal RT error has occurred". In the system
logs I see: 

Sep 8 09:30:16 rt RT: [22413] Can't call method "head" on an undefined
value at /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/RT/Action/SendEmail.pm line 261.
Stack: [/usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/RT/Action/SendEmail.pm:261]

Every time I think I've fixed this by removing/modifying a Scrip a week
or so later it comes back. As of today I've finally realised why I keep
thinking I've fixed it, because without modifying anything in the config
a simple restart of Apache makes the error go away, which seems really
weird :(. 

Which I've investigated a little but I really don't understand the error
and haven't found any similar issues reported. 

Now I'm prepared to imagine this could all be due to something I've done
wrong, ie config, custom Scrip etc. Other than the problem itself my
main concerns are, firstly the error doesn't give me sufficient
information to identify the root cause (maybe to someone more expert in
RT it does!) and secondly by restarting Apache the error goes away

For now I've scheduled a nightly restart of Apache. If anyone has any
clue as to whats going on or can suggest any further trouble shooting
steps what would be great! 

OS FreeBSD 10.1 

RT 4.4.1 (previously had exactly the same issue with 4.2.12) 

Perl v5.20.3 

Apache 2.4.23 

thanks in advance, Andy.
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