[rt-users] AdminCC on Queue Change

Scott Koch scottkoch at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 14:20:43 EDT 2016

RT Version: 4.2.12 (install has existed since 2003 and survived many major

Expected Behavior: When I move a existing ticket from one queue to another,
the new queues AdminCCs will apply to that ticket for future comments and
correspondences. I'm not expecting to see that particular tickets's AdminCC
settings change, but I expect when a comment is made that the queues
AdminCC members show up in the BCC field of comment and correspondence

Actual Behavior:  On comments and correspondences to the moved ticket, it
behaves as if there are no AdminCCs set on that queue, despite there being
queue-wide AdminCCs set. The queue in question works as expected for the
same AdminCCs when a ticket is created directly in that queue. I am not on
the AdminCC list, so my actions should not be subject to the NotifyActor

I am trying to figure out if this feature, lets call it "Tickets moved to a
new queue are affected by AdminCC of new queue", should be:
- Something that should just work in RT out of the box(not a
scrip/extention/site modification etc), this was my assumption initially
- Something that is handled by a default scrip (we have done a lot of scrip
additions, modifications, and possibly deletions? so i'm suspect of our
current scrips)
- Something that we can create our own scrip to handle
- Or am I completely missing something?

Any information that can be provided about how queue AdminCCs apply to
tickets(especially those moved to the queue, instead of create) would be
greatly appreciated.

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