[rt-users] Pushing Tickets in queue the "pusher" is not a member of?

Todd Wade waveright at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 15:03:03 EDT 2016

On 9/26/16 12:02 PM, Patrick G. Stoesser wrote:
> I'm using RT 4.2.8. I'm having several queues for several departments.
> Now, tickets have to be pushed into other queues where then the
> according department works on them. But the "pusher" should not be a
> member of the queue, and he should not even see the queue.
> Now I'm not getting anywhere with this. How do I systematically enable
> users to push tickets in queues in which they are no members, and which
> they don't need to see?

What I would probably do is create a custom field and populate it with a 
list of the queues using the 'External custom fields' documentation:


In this case the data wouldn't really be "external" but you can use it 
as a reference on how to prepopulate custom fields with the queues.

And then add a scrip so that when that custom field value is changed it 
changes the ticket queue.

This will give you a one-off mechanism to allow users to change a 
ticket's queue without them having permissions to see that queue.

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