[rt-users] Regex in scrip won't match multi-line strings

Peter Nikolaidis petern at paradigmcc.com
Mon Feb 27 10:48:18 EST 2017

Hi all,

I'm trying to automatically resolve tickets that don't require any action.
In this example, I receive a backup notification. I know it's a backup
script result email based on the subject, and I know the backup was
successful (and therefore I can auto-resolve the ticket) if another regex
matches the body. When I match against the subject line alone, it works.
However, when I try to match against the mutli-line body, it never matches
(even though when I run the regex against the string in a test, it matches
as expected).

Are multi-line matches not an option, or do I need to test in another way?
This is an extract of the test I am running:

(($self->TicketObj->Subject =~ /Cron \<root\@blah\> \/usr\/bin\/s3cmd sync
\/var\/spool\/blah\/ s3\:\/\/somes3buckethere\//) &&
($self->TicketObj->Body =~ /Done\. Uploaded \d* bytes in \d\.\d seconds/))

Thank you,

Peter Nikolaidis
, GCFE <https://www.giac.org/certified-professional/peter-nikolaidis/118082>
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, GSNA <http://www.giac.org/certified-professional/peter-nikolaidis/118082>
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