[rt-users] Self Service interface - can't download attachments for Articles or Assets

Brett Chambers bchambers at ambertech.com.au
Wed Jan 4 23:24:54 EST 2017

Hi Everyone,


I've configured custom fields of the type 'Upload multiple files' for Assets
and Articles.


If my users are Privileged, they can see and download the contents of the
'Upload multiple files' custom fields with no problems.


However, if my users are Unprivileged (i.e. using the Self Service
interface), they can see the attached files, however they can't download

Clicking on the file links take you back to the self-service home page, and
a right click, Save Target As doesn't work either.


I've tried changing global permissions for Unprivileged users, the custom
fields, etc, however haven't had any success.


Running RT 4.2.12.

I notice that there are significant improvements to the file upload code in
RT 4.4.x, however I haven't seen anything that explicitly relates to the
above issue.


Has anyone else seen this behaviour or know what I'm doing wrong?





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