[rt-users] REST-API crashes on history of long ticket with long format

Sinapius, Vinzenz Vinzenz.Sinapius at tracetronic.de
Tue Jan 17 04:23:05 EST 2017

Hi everyone,

I have a ticket with a long history and many merges, but it shows fine under /rt/Ticket/History.html?id=$ID. RT also gives me its history without problems when I use the REST-API with the short format /rt/REST/1.0/ticket/$ID/history ->

RT/4.2.12 200 Ok

# 642/642 (/total)


But when I use the long format /rt/REST/1.0/ticket/$ID/history?format=l the CPU usage on my RT process spikes and becomes unresponsive. Which leads to supervisord restarting the process after a while.

Were on RT 4.2.12 and our stack is nginx -> nginx -> supervisord -> rt-server.fcgi -> postgresql

It looks like a bug in RT to me, or could it be some misconfiguration on my part?

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