[Rtir] RTIR on Solaris 2.7?

Ruediger Riediger ruediger.riediger at sun.com
Wed Jul 9 07:44:34 EDT 2003


Gorazd Bozic wrote:
> I am trying to install RT/RTIR/RTFM on a Solaris 2.7 (sparc) system and
> the "make initialize-database" command fails due to a SIGSEGV
> (Segmentation violation). I realise that this is probably the fault of
> Perl 5.8.0 port (ActiveState distribution) but was wondering if someone
> had a similar problem.

I had installed (pre ACL fix) RT-IR 1.0alpha1 on RT 3.0.3 and RTFM 
2.0beta6. It runs on native Perl 5.6.1 from Solaris9 with MySQL 3.23.55 
and Apache 1.3.27/mod_perl 1.28/mod_ssl 2.8.14/openssl 0.9.7b without 
any problem.

Since the scrips and ACLs now have changed for RTIR 1.0rc1 and it builds 
upon RT 3.0.4, I will re-initialize the database after next upgrade 
(it's a test system anyway). Will look out for a similar error, but last 
time, it run fine (beside the known ACL issues).

What I do miss in the RTFM integration (templates are really a neat 
thing to have ;-) into RTIR. If I e.g. reply to a ticket in RT (with 
RTFM installed), I have the options to

* Search for RTFM articles matching 	
* Include RTFM article:

Not so when replying to the same ticket under RTIR.

Same issue when viewing a ticket: "Extract Article" is available in RT 
but not RTIR.

One additional RFE:
when replying to (or editing) a ticket in RTIR, the "worked time" can be 
tracked. However, we need to track two time frames: the time worked on 
by the DutyTeam and the time reported back to the DutyTeam that another 
team worked to resolve an issue.
How can this second time be tracked?
How can a second time  tracking be implemented?

And my final comment [this is an RT3, not an RTIR issue]:
   I want the CLI back! :-)

Best regards,

	Ruediger Riediger

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