[Rtir] RTIR 1.0.1 installation Problem.

Jansen Robert rjansen at vub.ac.be
Wed Oct 29 10:12:38 EST 2003

>Dear all,
>According the README File I removed the old RTIR directory:
>2) Remove the old RTIR files:
>   rm -r /opt/rt3/local/html/RTIR
>RTIR installs perfectly well, but while working I got the following 
>error Message below. When reinstalling a link in the html directory:
>ln -s ../share/html/RTIR
>RTIR comes back to work. It this a bug, or do I have to change a 
>configuration somewhere?
>    - Peter
>error:  	could not find component for path '/RTIR/Elements/MakeClicky'
>149: 	die "Cannot make alias without caller"
>150: 	unless defined $Exception::Class::Caller;
>152: 	no strict 'refs';
>153: 	*{"$Exception::Class::Caller\::$alias"} = sub { $subclass->throw(@_) };
>154: 	}
>156: 	eval $code;
>code stack: 	/usr/share/perl5/Exception/Class.pm:153
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Mhhhh,...... the full path looks funny to me. normally it should have 
the form: RT_ROOT ( where the "share" dir lives ) and 
(e.g. /usr/local/packages/rt3/share/html/Ticket/... or similar)

did you edit the RT_ROOT in the RTIR Makefile correctly?

I'm having some other problems here too with 1.0.1RC1:

I've send the follwing to rtir-bugs at bestpractical.com:


At 12:38 +0100 29-10-2003, Jansen Robert wrote:
>Mhhh,..... After some quick testing on a freash 1.0.1RC1 install:
>1) got some errors during install: in the creating ACL section:
>foobar# make initdb
>/usr/local/packages/rt3/sbin/rt-setup-database --datafile 
>etc/initialdata --dba root --prompt-for-dba-password --action 
>In order to create a new database and grant RT access to that database,
>this script needs to connect to your mysql instance on localhost as root.
>Please specify that user's database password below. If the user has 
>no database
>password, just press return.
>Password: unix passed to setlogsock, but path not available at 
>/usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/Log/Dispatch/Syslog.pm line 66
>(known issue: ignore)
>Creating groups...391.done.
>Creating ACL...[Wed Oct 29 11:04:35 2003] [crit]: 1 
>[Wed Oct 29 11:04:35 2003] [crit]: Can't load a principal for id 
>Principal  not found..[Wed Oct 29 11:04:35 2003] [crit]: 1 
>[Wed Oct 29 11:04:35 2003] [crit]: Can't load a principal for id
>..... snipped about 40 similar lines .....
>Principal  not found..[Wed Oct 29 11:04:36 2003] [crit]: 1 
>[Wed Oct 29 11:04:36 2003] [crit]: Can't load a principal for id 
>Principal  not found..done.
>Creating queues...(Error: Queue already exists)0.(Error: Queue 
>already exists)0.(Error: Queue already exists)0.(Error: Queue 
>already exists)0.done.
>Creating custom fields...
>Creating templates...19.20.done.
>2) seems that incidents, incident reports and blocks from version 
>1.0.0 don't have their "state" set.
>In version 1.0.1RC1 they show in the incident view page as ( e.g. a 
>linked incident report) as "53: Testing RTIR 1 (<i>(no value)<i>)"
>Stealing or changing owner does not update these old incident's state.
>Via the Edit Incident page one can NOT edit their state.
>Newly created incidents in 1.0.1RC1 have their state set correctly......
>..... Nope,..... their state changes to (no value) somewhere also.
>I can't seem to reproduce this for now, ...
>Hold on:  When viewing the incident queue in RT !!!! the incident 
>state is correct !!!!! but not in RTIR
>Hope this helps debugging
>P.S. please add me to the rtir-bugs list if such a seperate list exists. TIA

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