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Spencer, Roger RSpencer at evare.com
Wed Feb 25 10:36:35 EST 2004

That's better.  I did try adding /rtir/ to RT's url but as it turns out, it
is case sensitive.  Is there supposed to be a link from the main RT page?

Also, is there any documentation for using this?  I'm playing around with
it, seems pretty useful, just can't get a handle on the logic flow yet.  I
think I've read everything on www.bestpractical.com site I could find.

Roger Spencer
RSpencer at evare.com

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On Wed, 25 Feb 2004, Spencer, Roger wrote:

> Well, I installed the latest version into my existing RT installation.  It
> appears all I got was 4 new queues with no added functionality.  Is there
> somewhere I can look to see how it is supposed to be functioning?  Some
> documentation somewhere?

Provided you followed the installation instructions closely and added
proper people to the 'DutyTeam' group, start from:

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