[Rtir] Which Versions?

Peter Haag haag at switch.ch
Fri Jul 23 02:32:20 EDT 2004

Dear all,
I have upgraded RT 3.0.9 to RT 3.0.11 and RTIR rtir-1.0.6rc1. It seems as 
RT 3.0.11 lacks some patches: When I select the RT entry in the navigation 
bar on the left to configure something, I still can go back to RTIR ( using 
the RTIR link in the navigation bar ) in version RT 3.0.9 but the RTIR link 
entry disapeared in RT 3.0.11. Which version of RT and RTIR is recommended 
and works together?

Another strabge behaviour is, that I can't change the state of a ticket in 
the request queue. The state is always 'new' and there is no way the change 
that in the BASIC edit mode. Anybody any ideas to that?


    - Peter

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