[Rtir] Fonts & Unfolding of email-headers?

Przemek Jaroszewski przemek at cert.pl
Wed Mar 10 08:57:10 EST 2004

Hi, Jan

On Wed, 10 Mar 2004, Jan Meijer wrote:

> -When looking at an incident report the body of a mail is displayed using a
> proportional font.  This can severely screw up the layout of formatted tables
> (like logging).  Is there a sane way to change the font *only* for the email?

Ok, this hasn't really bothered me so far, but seems to be easy to fix:
I can see this: <span class="message"></span> around the message, so
playing with the SPAN.message style in NoAuth/webrt.css file should do the
Btw. All "design" of RT interface is css-based which is *really* handy :)

> -When all emailheaders are shown the headers are unfolded.  Because apparently
> the headers dictate the width of the page; this causes other blocks of
> information to be moved 'out-of-screen' resulting in an increase of left-right
> scrolling.  Is there anything I can do about this?

Yup, this is ugly. Can't think of an obvious way to solve it just yet.
Will let you know when I take another look at the code.

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