[Rtir] Having multiple queues in RTIR?

Swinkels, Marcel MSWINKELS at UPC.NL
Wed Mar 10 10:22:36 EST 2004


I am new to this list. Currently i am implementing RTIR for a large
company in Europe with 11 different abusedesks. In RT I can define 11
abuse-queues, but in RTIR I only have the queues Blocks, Incidents,
Incident reports and Investigation. Is it possible to have f.e. multiple

Furthermore I was wondering if it's possible to have sub-queues, or
queries within a queue. So that I can create some sort of tree-structure
within RTIR. 

|- abusedesk NL
|  |-scan
|  |-spam
|  |-other
|- abusedesk AT
|  |-scan
|  |-spam
|  |-other

Anybody who could give me some advice on this one? Thanks in advance.


Marcel Swinkels
chello abuse
UPC Nederland
mswinkels at upc.nl

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