[Rtir] Questions about the Scripted Actions in Tools

Marc Boix mboix at cesca.es
Thu Mar 11 03:41:45 EST 2004

Hello guys,

I'm learning about RTIR features to understand the whole of it (I'm learning
english too...:P)

I've problems to understand the _ADDR_ and _IP_ parameters in
Tools->Scripted Action.
Somebody know why was made for? and how use its?
Or, and I've misunderstud the idea and is only an explanatory not very

Besides I can't use the By IP address Scrip, it returns always
I've the WHOIS server right configured, because I can use traceroute and
whois without problems.
Normally I try with Contact Field = Email (because this field is the field
we want to know from Whois Server, isn't?)
The rest of RTIR runs perfect. Is a RTIR known problem? configuring problem?
I don't find about it on RTIR user list or googleing.


P.S.Jesse, now I'm in the right list! :)

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