[Rtir] Replying to requestors only if ...

Gorazd Bozic gorazd.bozic at arnes.si
Fri Mar 19 02:59:51 EST 2004

Hi all,

I would like to modify a Scrip that replies to requestors on correspond.
The reason is this:

1. we launch a new investigation to tech at domain
2. this person delegates the issue to another person, someone at domain
3. someone at domain replies to the ticket
4. as a result of having a Scrip: "On Correspond Notify Requestors and
Ccs with template Correspondence", reply from someone at domain is also
sent back to tech at domain, as he is still a requestor

One solution to this would be to add a custom condition which would
notify requestor only if the user that replied to the ticket is a member
of the DutyTeam.

I would not want to reinvent the wheel, so: has anyone already done this
and can post the code of the custom condition that does this?


Gorazd Bozic <gorazd.bozic at arnes.si>
ARNES SI-CERT, Jamova 39 p.p. 7, SI-1001 Ljubljana, Slovenia
tel: +386 1 479 88 22, fax: +386 1 479 88 99

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