[Rtir] hello, and RTIR installation

Bruce Rodger Bruce.Rodger at strath.ac.uk
Sun May 30 17:03:48 EDT 2004

Good evening....

First of all, a brief introduction - my colleagues and I are
responsible for Security, Networking and Other Important Things at the
University of Strathclyde.

We're looking at RTIR as a way of co-ordinating our incident response work.

So far we have installed RT & RTIR on a FreeBSD system, using a Postgresql
backend. Relatively straightforward, despite none of us being pgsql experts.

We've now got a "recipe" for the install - I'm happy to share it if anyone's

When we installed rtir, it didn't appear in the main rt menu - a permissions
problem. We had to do

find /usr/local/rt3/share/html/Callbacks -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;

to fix it.

Also got lots of errors when installing the Whois::RIPE module. Looks like
problems with the tests rather than the module itself.... Is this normal?

We're still finding our way around the system, but our initial impressions
are positive. I feel that to make it work in a campus environment, we'll need
to implement a fairly detailed local "whois" database, with details
of the contact addresses for each department.

Unfortunately we didn't realise this until after building rt & rtir - these
are running on pgsql, and the RIPE whois db needs mysql. Sigh.

John - what whois software are you using at janet-cert?


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