[Rtir] hello, and RTIR installation

Ulrich Kiermayr ulrich.kiermayr at univie.ac.at
Mon May 31 06:59:14 EDT 2004


> Also got lots of errors when installing the Whois::RIPE module. Looks like
> problems with the tests rather than the module itself.... Is this normal?

Yes it is ;-)

> Unfortunately we didn't realise this until after building rt & rtir - these
> are running on pgsql, and the RIPE whois db needs mysql. Sigh.

Ripes Whois does not work well with mysql 4.x anyway. (so haveing two is 
not so bad after all)

> John - what whois software are you using at janet-cert?

Not John, but weh are useing RIPE's whois for our full IP Documentation 
at Vienna University. But to do just an IP->Department lookup it _is_ 

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