[Rtir] issues with email correspondence

Rudolph Pereira rudolph at usyd.edu.au
Tue Oct 12 20:26:22 EDT 2004


we're currently using:

- rt 3.0.11 (with rtir-1.0.5)
- default acls/access rights (in particular, the queues in question,
  like investigations, have replytoticket for everyone)

[I'm not aware of later versions of rt(ir) fixing
  the issues I'm seeing, but please correct me if they do]
and we're currently coming up against a couple of issues with users
responding to requests via email from email addresses that aren't
listed as correspondents for the issue (typical when noc at something sends
the incident report and then a specific user replies to correspondence
sent back)

In the cases where RT knows about them (e.g they've corresponded on some
other issue before) everything works fine, but where they haven't (and
where we're having issues), RT refuses to create a new user and their
reply gets bounced.

I realise the above is probably "known" behaviour, and is probably
specifically an RT rather than an rtir issue, but was wondering
how others have solved the issues, in particular:

- how you get around not having everyone with replytoticket access, and
- how you deal with most correspondence not coming from the requestor
Note that the issues are with "external users" whom we can't all ask to
use pgp keys, or use the "right" email address, etc.

The best idea I've had so far is to remove the above replytoticket
access, and recode bits of rt(ir) to send the issue to the general queue
so a human can deal with it (i.e merge the issue with the right
investigation/incident report) but it all seems like a lot of work (and
also, it looks like mailplugins can't currently modify anything other
than the mime object[1])


[1] does anyone know if it is this likely to change soon? It seems like
useful functionality for plugins, particularly ::Filter's, to modify
the queue an issue is going to, etc (?)

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