[Rtir] Announce RTIR 1.2 beta 2 (v 1.1.3)

Dowling, Brian BDowling at Kronos.com
Thu Oct 28 21:40:06 EDT 2004

Thanks Jesse,

Someone else actually responded off-list with the pointer to the Ch3
draft PDF doc.  I did not find it because it does not appear to be
linked in anywhere (such as on your RTIR product page).  I only later
found 2 references to it back on the list archives from early this year.
It is helpful but obviously could use some updates.  Have you
reconsidered about putting it on the Wiki for people to contribute to?
(You mentioned that in the previous postings I found).

Thanks again, Brian

(Here is my response back to the person that was sent it off list.)

> John G said: 
> There is http://bestpractical.com/rtir/usingrtir.pdf if that is any 
> use to you.

Hmm, now I feel like I didn't RTFM, but I didn't know that this existed.
Shouldn't this be  linked into the RTIR products page and or Wiki?  Not
sure where it is linked (I later found it via google in the list

>> Just as an example, the docs don't even mention that you need to
>> browse to /RTIR/ after installing this, as there does not appear to
>> any Tabs added by default to the main RT pages (fwiw, I added one of 
>> my own).

> This sounds like a bug.  RTIR should appear in the left hand side bar.

> Try checking the
> permissions on the RTIR Callback directory?

Hmm, interesting.  "RTIR Home" does appear if I look at something in one
of the related queues, but the "RTIR" link via
/Callbacks/RTIR/Elements/Tabs/Default does not seem to get added to my
menu.  I'm still getting used to understanding how Mason really works
(it definitely a cool foundation, but a little difficult to follow all
the relationships looking at it fresh). E.g.

$toptabs->{'BB-RTIR'} = { title =>loc("RTIR"),
                          path  => "RTIR/index.html" };


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