[Rtir] custom RT:SLA time?

david.falkenburger at rbc.com david.falkenburger at rbc.com
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I think there should be a way of entering business days into the system, and
also have a way to put in holidays, blackout days etc. Then if the rule for
the sla is to only work within business hours then you would have to do
appropriate calculations. So if SLA is to have someone reply within 4
business hours and it happens late Friday afternoon, and Monday was a
holiday system should be able to calculate the target date of sometime on
Tuesday morning. 

If sla was for low priority and say 7 business days, then you would have to
take into account weekends, holidays, available business hours each day.

Higher priority tickets might have rule of respond within 4 hours period,
not just business hours.

Not sure what you would do if someone changes the calendar mid stream. Go
back and recalculate all open tickets taking into account a new holiday day
and adjust their target dates accordingly? Gets complicated.

Now, having all this information in there is great, what would also be of
importance now would be to have a report that can show which tickets did not
make sla, and by how much.


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Ruediger Riediger wrote:

> Reduced Service -> next business day, same time + 60 min

I have a few questions about this one.

First, do you mean "+ 60 business minutes," or "+ 60 real minutes"?  I 
ask, because what if the same time the next day is only 2 minutes before 
closing time?  Is the due date 58 minutes after closing time, or is it 
58 minutes after opening time the following day?

Second, if you know that your business day is 8 hours long, would it be 
sufficient to say "8 business hours + 60 business minutes"?

I could see that your business day may not be a consistent length of 
time (perhaps you close earlier or open later on some days).  However, 
if that's the case, "next business day at the same time" might be 
outside of business hours.  What then?


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