[Rtir] several problems + versions to use.

Becz Tamas becz at sztaki.hu
Wed Sep 29 09:22:40 EDT 2004

2004-09-28, k keltezéssel 18:17-kor Jesse Vincent ezt írta:
> > However, there are several issues, that I think are beyond configuration
> > problems, but rather caused by more-or-less incompatible versions. I'm
> > now planning to put rtir into a clean, chrooted environment.
> Indeed. This looks like invalid SQL being generated by the RTIR app, in
> a way that mysql would happily ignore.
> > 
> > Also, i found that the released rtir-1.1.2 beta is compatible with rt
> > 3.2. Should I give that a try?
> If possible, that would be quite useful. It may well be something we've
> already corrected in 3.2/1.1, though I'm sorry that I can't tell you
> that off the top of my head.
> 	Jesse

Well, I installed rt 3.2.2rc1 and rtir 1.1.2 into a chrooted debian
sarge, and it seems to work better after a short check (at least it
produces much cleaner logs, for sure). 

However, there's a new problem which I hope you have a solution for:
when I comment or reply to a ticket, i got a message like:
 Ticket 3: Type: Type changed from ticket to by root 
if i reply to it, I am also told this:
 Ticket 4: Status: Status changed from open to stalled by root
which would make sense, but 
1) it never was open. it was new, I did not take it. 
2) it did remain State:new
and from that point search won't be able to find it, when i search for 
"state contains new" packages (and there is no stalled in the drop-down
menu). However i can find them by searching for requestor email address,
or quick searching their id.)

Other thing, when I comment, I still can't see AdminCC or CC fileds
values (but the mails are sent). Is this supposed to be like this.

Also, we looked a bit into that wrong query, and found that mysql would
ignore this because it assumes any string to be zero. Altrough I'm way
not a database expert I think it is a dangerous assumption, and I don't
know if it does anything to RT, but you might have to look at it. Just

Thank you for your help.

Becz Tamás
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