[Rtir] RTIR 1.1.5 installation problem

Gustavo Neves gneves at fccn.pt
Thu Aug 18 13:16:34 EDT 2005

Well, after all that, it still wasn't working right. There was no menu
option for RITR on the main screen, and when I opened a ticket in one of
the RTIR queues (like Incident Reports), the display was standard RT
rather than RTIR. 

After monkeying with it for a while with no success, I finally
uninstalled RT, dropped the database, and started from scratch. Now that
I have it reinstalled, its pretty much the same. No RTIR option on the
main screen, and if I put in the URL for RTIR, and then try to create a
new incident report, I get this error:

error:  Undefined subroutine &RT::IR::DefaultSLA called
at /usr/share/request-tracker3.4/html/RTIR/Create.html line 434.

>>[gneves at fccn.pt] 
Look in your /usr/share/request-tracker3.4/lib/RT/IR.pm. Is DefaultSLA defined here? 

As for the missing callbacks, maybe you could try something - set your log level to 'debug', in your RT_SiteConfig.pm - something along the lines of :
Set($LogToFile      , 'debug');
Set($LogDir, '/usr/share/request-tracker3.4/var/log');
Set($LogToFileNamed , "rt.log");

After you access the main page of RT, are there any lines looking like this?:
Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.x/HTML/Mason/Resolver/File.pm line 51.

If so, maybe I have the solution :-)

-- Gustavo

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