[Rtir] MakeClicky weirdness

Carlos Fuentes Bermejo carlos at cert.ja.net
Thu Feb 3 09:20:24 EST 2005


> we have found a strange behaviour in .../html/RTIR/Elements/MakeClicky 
> we have traced to the "host" discovery (it goes away when commenting out 
> the 'Fdomain' regular expression) but are unable to identify.
> We receive a lot of messages where the TLD of host names is all capital 
> letters, e.g. <host.domain.Sun.COM>. Now - these host names are 
> completely removed form messages when displayed in RTIR!
> When they are <host.domain.sun.com>, this does not happen and MakeClicky 
> substitutes the correct Lookup URL. We initially suspected an 
> incompatibility with the 'GRIPE' entry [the only one checking for caps], 
> but commenting this one out does not resolve the issue.
> Anyone any idea?
> BTW: TLDs can have more than 3 chars by now, e.g. .info ;-)
> < Fdomain      => [ q[(?:[\w-]+\.)+[a-z]{2,3}], $cb{host}  ],
>  > Fdomain      => [ q[(?:[\w-]+\.)+[a-z]{2,4}], $cb{host}  ],

If you want that the capital letters are accepted on that regular
expression, you'll have to write some like the following

Fdomain      => [ q[(?:[\w-]+\.)+[A-Za-z]{2,3}], $cb{host}  ]

I think it'll be enough to fix your matter.

Carlos Fuentes Bermejo <carlos at cert.ja.net>
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