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Rodolfo de Moraes Reis wrote:
> Hello Carlos,
> I'm sorry by this question, but where do I find RTIR 1.1.5?? In BestPractical's Home Page there isn't link for this version (http://www.bestpractical.com/rtir/download.html), just 1.0.0 until 1.0.5!
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> Rodolfo.
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> Hello mate,
> RT 3.4.2 doesn't work with RTIR 1.0.5, as you already know, if you
> should use RTIR 1.1.5.
> Cheers,
> Carlos
> El vie, 08-07-2005 a las 00:03 -0300, Rodolfo de Moraes Reis escribió:
>>Really?! I can't change the RT version... it seems no sense... like walk against the RT evolution!! :)
>>Is there some RTIR version that works with RT 3.4.2?!
>>Thank's All!
>>Rodolfo Reis.
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>>To:	Rodolfo de Moraes Reis
>>Subject:	Re: [Rtir] Error after installation...
>>I ran into this issue some months back. It seems that if you are going to
>>use RTIR 1.0.5 (stable) you can not use RT 3.4.2.  The latest version of RT
>>that works with RTIR is 3.0.12.
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>>Subject: [Rtir] Error after installation...
>>Hello Folk's!!! (I dont know if there's a specific discussion list for RTIR,
>>I have installed RT 3.4.2 and running so fine. Yesterday, I needed to
>>install RT Incident Response (1.0.5) to make some tests. The installation
>>finished with success and the integration with RT alright too.... But, when
>>I click in any link into "RTIR Home" (like "Incidents", "Investigations",
>>etc.) appears the error below. What's the problem?! I'm running RT by Apache
>>+ FastCGI (only RTIR doesn't work... RT and RTFM keeps working normally!).
>>error: 	 too many arguments at
>>/l/disk1/ccdsin/rt-3.4.2/lib/RT/Tickets_Overlay.pm line 1269
>>context: 	 ... 	 	
>>265: 	 # whether they should generate a full stack trace (confess() and
>>266: 	 # or simply report the caller's package (croak() and carp()),
>>267: 	 # confess() and croak() die, carp() and cluck() warn.	 
>>269: 	 sub croak { die shortmess @_ }	 
>>270: 	 sub confess { die longmess @_ }	 
>>271: 	 sub carp { warn shortmess @_ }	 
>>272: 	 sub cluck { warn longmess @_ }	 
>>code stack: 	 /l/disk1/ccdsin/perl/lib/5.8.6/Carp.pm:269
>>../../lib/Storable.pm (autosplit into
>>../../lib/Storable.pm (autosplit into
>>../../lib/Storable.pm (autosplit into ../../lib/auto/Storable/freeze.al):266
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