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Rodney Tillotson R.Tillotson at ukerna.ac.uk
Thu Jun 23 12:55:06 EDT 2005

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Tony Arnold wrote:

> I've been trying to use the blocks feature in RTIR. Requesting a
> block and activating a block seems to work quite well. I've
> configured things so that block requests get sent to a group of
> people responsible for our firewall. A reply from one of them
> automatically sets the block to activated which is just what I
> want.
> However, requesting the removal of a block is not so smooth. The
> request for removal goes off to the same list as a block request,
> however, a reply to this message sets the block to activated again
> when I really want it to set it to removed.

I can't even see how to reach the 'removed' state manually. My
workaround is to resolve the enclosing Incident and then re-open any
other child tickets that I still want to work with.

I've no idea where it is implemented.

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