[Rtir] RTIR and root cause analysis

Carlos Fuentes Bermejo carlos.fuentes at rediris.es
Thu Nov 22 07:10:47 EST 2007


> We have just recently install RTIR 2.3.11 (with RTFM 2.2.1 &  
> RT-3.7.2) in test environment as a first phase to a complete  
> production level deployment of Incident Reporting Module. I just  
> wanted to know if any one else has deployed it or is it recommended  
> to use these in an organizaions production environment as these are  
> preview Releases.

As far as I know nobody is using this version of RTIR, because it's  
fairly new (released at end of October 07), but what I can tell you  
is that the RTIR Working Group (http://www.terena.org/activities/tf- 
csirt/rtir.html) did test this release, as part of RTIR v2 project,  
and it did conclude that this RTIR is  mature for using it, there are  
still somethings, which BP is getting over, but they are not  
affecting the basic workflow of RTIR.

The last release of RTIR v2, with all the new functionalities, will  
be delivered in January 2008.

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