[Rtir] RTIR and root cause analysis

Sidra Irshad SIrshad at LMKR.COM
Wed Nov 21 02:23:34 EST 2007

We have just recently install RTIR 2.3.11 (with RTFM 2.2.1 & RT-3.7.2) in 
test environment as a first phase to a complete production level 
deployment of Incident Reporting Module. I just wanted to know if any one 
else has deployed it or is it recommended to use these in an organizaions 
production environment as these are preview Releases.

Also I would appreciate if anyone can share how RT-IR  can be used to also 
provide root cause analysis  & recording facilities into it.


Sidra Irshad
LMKR Infrastructure Engineer (NOC)
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