[Rtir] two questions

Maxwell Rathbone mrathbone at sagonet.com
Thu Oct 16 11:23:20 EDT 2008


Before I post my two questions, I'm running:
Perl 5.10.0

and now.. ownard to my questions..

First is a potential bug.. or possibly a lacking in my understanding how
the software works. When you create an Incident from an Incident Report,
it shows a box to the right displaying the incident reports that are
linked to this incident. There is a link there called 'Link', when you
click it.. it shows a page of the current Incident Reports. In our
situation we have pages and pages of Incident Reports. This page does
not appear to have a method of going to the next page. There is a Refine
link on the top menubar, when you click it, it does allow you to refine
your search parameters.. however there is no Results link so you have no
method of going back to the results page.

Next problem we're having is templating/RTFM related. It is my
understanding that RTFM is supposed to allow you to specify a template
when you open or reply to an RT ticket. It appears this functionality is
missing at the time an Investigation is opened. Our guys are basically
clicking 'New' from the Incident Report ticket after taking ownership of
the ticket. Then a page is shown that allows an Incident and
Investigation to be opened simultaneously. This is the page that is
missing the RTFM Article/Template to insert at the bottom for the
Investigation. I've noticed that this option IS present once the
Investigation is opened and I am replying to the Investigation ticket.

The last issue we're having is that RTIR is just really, really slow. To
be fair, right now we have it on a VPS with 1GB of RAM. I'm in the
process of manually compiling all the software onto a dedicated Dell
1425 (dual-processor, hyper-threaded 3.2Ghz) machine right now in hopes
that will help this situation. For example.. to do a Bulk Reject on a
page of 50 tickets...can take 10-15minutes. whew! I'll update the list
if I'm still having a problem after I get our RTIR over to the dedicated

Any help that could be provided to assist in resolving the first two
problems would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Max Rathbone
Sr. Systems Administrator
Sago Networks

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