[Rtir] two questions

Kevin Falcone falcone at bestpractical.com
Fri Oct 17 10:29:26 EDT 2008

> Next problem we're having is templating/RTFM related. It is my
> understanding that RTFM is supposed to allow you to specify a template
> when you open or reply to an RT ticket. It appears this  
> functionality is
> missing at the time an Investigation is opened. Our guys are basically
> clicking 'New' from the Incident Report ticket after taking  
> ownership of
> the ticket. Then a page is shown that allows an Incident and
> Investigation to be opened simultaneously. This is the page that is
> missing the RTFM Article/Template to insert at the bottom for the
> Investigation. I've noticed that this option IS present once the
> Investigation is opened and I am replying to the Investigation ticket.

This RTFM feature applies to the standard Ticket/Create.html page,
not to the specialized RTIR/Create.html interface.

I believe it could be added without too much difficulty (it requires a
one line Callback be added to Create.html and a quick hook be
added to RTFM) but it would need a bunch of testing to see if it affects
the custom RTIR interface.


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