[Rtir] "Lookup IP" suddenly stopped working...

Landon Stewart lstewart at superb.net
Mon Nov 23 15:46:23 EST 2009

Hi Guys,

No upgrades to any perl modules or server software of any kind or changes to
any files have been made but it seems that the "Lookup IP" link within a
ticket doesn't quite work properly.  The link is displayed with what I guess
is some incomplete information as the parameters.  For example when viewing
ticket #12491 I see the link "Lookup IP" link pointing to
When clicking it the results are empty but the rwhois lookup occurs at the
bottom of the page.  If I edit the URL and include include ticket=12491 it
works properly (eg.
and displays the "Current Incident: #12491" header with the current ticket
listed as well as other tickets that match the IP address being looked up.

Conversely if I click the link as it is which sends me to
and *then* click the "Go" button next to the WHOIS lookup field that's
already filled out the lookup works and finds tickets with the IP address
being looked up but of course without the ticket lookup.

I'm really at a loss for why it would stop working all of a sudden.  This
has been a problem for more than a week now, I thought maybe it was some bad
database entries or caching or something but the issue has not gone away
after clearing the mason_data etc.

If anyone has any ideas on what I should check or what I can provide to help
troubleshoot this please let me know.  I'm moderately versed in Perl so I
can try some things if anyone has any ideas.


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