[Rtir] Minor Custom Field bug in RTIR 2.6 build

Michal Wodzinski michal.wodzinski at uni-c.dk
Fri Jan 7 07:47:45 EST 2011


I was testing some of the RTIR_CustomFieldsDefaults->{'How Reported'} 
functionality, and noticed that it didn't work at all (not even as 

1. It didn't even set to the default in RTIR_SetHowReported.pm
2. It didn't use RTIR_CustomFieldsDefaults->{'How Reported'}
3. Minor inconsistencies with lib/RT/IR/AdministrationTutorial.pod

I'm using RTIR-2.6 (not the rc), and no upgrades done (plain 
2.6 install).

I've attached a diff that
1. reenables the RTIR_SetHowReported.pm functionality per the new CF names
2. enables usage of RTIR_CustomFieldsDefaults->{'How Reported'} (and not just an "Email" static value).
3. sets the "Email" value in RTIR_Config.pm, so the default is kept as it was
4. addresses some of the minor inconsistencies in AdministrationTutorial.pod

Kind regards
Michal Wodzinski, DK-CERT (UNI-C)
3587 8817 / 2483 2451
PGP Key ID: 0x67AF700C (hkp://pgp.mit.edu)
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