[Rtir] Assign tickets to "groups" rather than "users"

Javier Martínez fjmartinez at csi.uned.es
Tue Apr 24 05:07:27 EDT 2012


There is a way to achieve this, first you need to create a new queu, 
then you had to give permissions to this queu only for for the people 
that you want. Then move the ticket at this queu (this could be done in 
the  basic propierties of the ticket), it is important that it had to be 
assigned to nobody.

You can play with the CC and CCa roles too.

Cheers from Spain.

El 24/04/2012 10:39, Matt Newham escribió:
> Hello
> I'm wondering if it is possible to assign tickets to a group of people 
> rather than a single person. For example, I have a workflow where 
> analysts create tickets when they find something suspicious, if this 
> turns into a reportable incident, they will raise an incident report, 
> attach an "incident article" containing the details of the incident in 
> a more formal manner then assign to a senior team member for review. 
> Can the tickets be assigned to a certain group of people? I can only 
> seem to find assign to "nobody in particular" which sort of solves the 
> problem however everyone can then see the ticket?
> Thanks
> -- 
> Matt Newham
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