[Rtir] Almost implemented... emails creating new everything though!

Keith Twombley Keith.Twombley at avivausa.com
Tue Apr 2 15:39:45 EDT 2013

Hi Kevin,

Go to Tools -> Configuration -> Queues -> (whichever queue you want)

Enter some text in the "Subject Tag" field. This will be what is required to be in the brackets for this queue. Do the same for your other queues; each can have its own custom subject tag.

Hope that helps,

Keith Twombley
Security Operations & Engineering Analyst

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Good afternoon,

I ALMOST have RT/IR implemented...

I email in, it passes to the rt-mail script, and places it appropriately in the correct queue.  However, it is creating a new instance of everything.  For instance, if I email in with the incident # in the subject line, it creates a new block with that incident number.  I have tried it with a proper incident number the Block should be linked to, and the # of a previously created block.  Instead, it just creates a new block.

Am I misunderstanding the functionality?

Thank you for your continued help.


OK, I see the issue.  The email needs to have [SERVERNAME #10] or whatever number in it.  Can I change that so it isn't SERVERNAME?  I'd rather have the word Incident instead....

Thanks for your help.

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