[Rtir] How Reported Field

Jorge Ruao jruao at fe.up.pt
Tue Feb 19 10:49:13 EST 2013

Hello Guys,

I'm trying to figure out the purpose of the Action "RTIR Set How Reported". I supposed it should set the "How Reported" custom field but after using a fresh RTIR installation in a test environment I realized that this field was not being automatically set when an Incident Report was created by an email sent through mailgate - I was expecting that the "How Reported" custom field gets filled with "Email" but it was still empty.

So, am I missing something here?

Jorge Ruão
Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT.FEUP)
Prof. Correia de Araújo Computer Center
University of Oporto - Faculty of Engineering

Phone: +351 220413026 / e-mail: jruao at fe.up.pt

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