[Rtir] Incidents not showing in queues

Jorge Ruao jruao at fe.up.pt
Tue Jan 22 06:43:37 EST 2013

Hum... after reverting almost all fields it seems I can't change the name of the "State" Custom Field in the "Incidents" queue.

All custom fields for this queue doesn't seem to get affected if the name is changed.

Jorge Ruão

On 22/01/2013, at 11:35, Jorge Ruao wrote:

> Hi guys,
> i've been doing some personal configuration and translations in the RTIR using only the web interface and suddenly the RTIR Incidents menu stops showing the RTIR Incidents Tickets. I can still see all open Tickets if I use the RT general search and select queue=Incidents but the RTIR Incidents menu is not showing.
> I've changed the "Incidents" queue name but have put it back again to "Incidents" but the RTIR Incidents menu still shows no Tickets.
> Any advice where to search for?
> Thanks,
> Jorge Ruão
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