[Rtir] RT / RTIR not sending mail to Correspondents when launching an investigation

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Thu Dec 11 10:19:36 EST 2014


sorry for not mentioning this. We're running RT 4.2.9 and RTIR 3.2, so we're up-to-date. We've started with the beta versions in November and upgraded to the final versions when they became available.
I've solved the problem for us by creating(!) a Snip "On Create Notify Correspondents" as we've disabled the "on create autoreply to requestors". It wasn't clear to us that this snip is responsible for sending email to the correspondents upon creating an investigation. 
The settings for "On create notify correspondents" are:
Condition: On create
Action: Notify Requestors
Template: Correspondence
Applies to: Investigations

I hope we're not running into any unforeseen problems with this workaround, but until now it seems to be just what we needed.


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On Thu, Dec 04, 2014 at 05:04:27PM +0000, marek.kreul at lhsystems.com wrote:
> We’re running our RTIR setup for more than 4 weeks now, currently in a 
> “near productive” mode.

You've not said what versions (I've divined 4.2.9 from your logs, but the RTIR version is also important).  You also should say if this is a fresh install or an upgrade.

> We’re quite certain that we used to be able to send email to external 
> recipients by launching an investigation and entering their email 
> address into the “Correspondents” field, but this stopped working somewhen.

Have you disabled scrips in the system?  Namely, anything having to do with On Create Notify?  I don't see anything firing that would do On Create Notify Requestors or the default On Create Autoreply to Requestors scrips.


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