[rtir] Changing RTIR queue/lifecycle names

M.A Maricar maricarov at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 3 09:03:39 EST 2015



I would like to
change the default RTIR queue (lifecycle) names to something else, i.e.,

Incident Report to
Event Report and Investigation to Communication.


I tried changing
them in RTIR_Siteconfig.pm file and also from UI
(Admin --> Queues --> Select). After the changes, the UI didn't work well and
there are some errors in log file. 

I think the default queue names are used in
internal files like IR.pm and etc. So when I change only  in RTIR_Siteconfig and in
UI, the tool couldn't find the queue name from other internal files.


Can anyone advise me
if it's possible to change the default queue names? If yes, in which files the
names need to be changed? Do I need to change in Queues table in MySQL also?


I look forward for
your reply.


Kind regards,


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