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Jim Brandt jbrandt at bestpractical.com
Wed Dec 16 13:45:50 EST 2015

Hi Nicole,

A couple of answers for you:

* On versions, RTIR 3.2 runs on RT 4.2, RTIR 3.0 runs on RT 4.0. 
Crossing versions can cause issues. You can find the version notes in 
the README for reference:


* For setting configuration, you can create a new file named 
RTIR_SiteConfig.pm and put it in the same directory as your 
RT_SiteConfig.pm, which should be the etc directory wherever RT is 
installed. Some details here:


However, I don't think there is a configuration option to address your 
specific question.

On the specific behavior you asked about, are you closing Incidents 
while there is still a block active? RTIR uses the Incident ticket as 
the central hub of all activity for an incident, so it's designed to 
keep the incident open as long as any linked child tickets are open. 
However, when you select Actions -> Resolve to resolve an incident, it 
drops you in an update page will all children also available for status 
and message updates. This makes it easy to resolve the incident and 
linked children all at once. Maybe this status update is what's setting 
the block as removed?

If you uncheck the block update and try to resolve the incident, you'll 
see a message " Status of the Incident left unchanged; not all children 
were updated." The idea is the incident shouldn't be resolved if the 
block is still outstanding. However, you could resolve other child 
tickets like Investigations while waiting for a block to be removed. You 
can find some detail here:



On 12/15/15 6:25 PM, Nicole Powell wrote:
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>> *Subject:* *Making Changes to RTIR_Config.pm*
>> I am looking for the RTIR_Config.pm file but I don't have it with 
>> RT4.0 and RTIR3.2. I only have RT_Config.pm and Rt_SiteConfig.pm.
>> The feature I'm specifically looking to turn off I the 
>> SetBlockStatus. By default if you close an incident the block is 
>> listed as removed but I don't want to change automatically. How can I 
>> do this?
>> From the desk of Nicole A. Powell....

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