[sd] Hiveminder Support

Nick Gasparovich gasparn at sunyit.edu
Tue Mar 1 15:57:59 EST 2011

I'm working on trying to get SD to sync up tickets between our RT
instance and Hiveminder.

After digging around in the code, I found the syntax format for
hiveminder to be: hm:http://hiveminder.com
I tried it out, but this only pulls tickets from my personal group.
Is there anyway of specifying a specific group to pull from? (For
example, I have a group with other members labeled as "SUNYIT TIS
Systems Development"

My next question is related to RT.  Currently we're doing LDAP auth
but will be migrating to CAS auth soon.  Is there any way to get this
to work with CAS, and if not, is there a way to point directly at the
database instead of the url?


Nicholas P. Gasparovich
Systems Administrator
Technology Integration Services
SUNY Institute of Technology
Utica, New York 13504-3050

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