[svk-devel] Mirror sync failure

Manuel Vacelet manuel.vacelet at gmail.com
Fri Oct 13 07:59:45 EDT 2006

Hi all,

I'm facing a (I guess) network failure on mirroring a repository over
'https'. I'm running since on day a small script that try this command
(until it works):
$> svn sync -t 134 //mirror/customer

But this command didn't succeed I get:
RA layer request failed: REPORT request failed on
'/svnroot/proj/!svn/vcc/default': REPORT of
'/svnroot/proj/!svn/vcc/default': Could not read response body: Secure
connection truncated (https://server.com)

I already get this one one time (in the middle of plenty of the previous msg):
RA layer request failed: PROPFIND request failed on
PROPFIND of '/svnroot/prj/httpd/branches/wiki-v1/SF/common/wiki/phpwiki/themes/default/buttons':
SSL negotiation failed: Secure connection truncated

I tried the same mirroring but using svn+ssh access and everything works fine.
I runned a svn diff -r133:134 on the repository and it works without
any problemes (even with https) and the diff is about 6.3MB.

I'm using svk-1.08 with SVN::Mirror-0.71 and svn 1.4 (svn 1.2.3 on the server)

Can someone help me ?


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