[svk-devel] Error on 'svk sync -s'

Rolf Schäuble mailinglists at rschaeuble.de
Mon Oct 23 16:43:12 EDT 2006


I'm a new svk user, and so far I love this software.

Yesterday I was trying to mirror a repository hosted by sourceforge.  
When using "svk sync" (to fully sync), everything was fine. However,  
when I tried to sync with the "-s" option, I ran into problems.

On two of my machines, I get the following error:
RA layer request failed: REPORT request failed on '/svnroot/clucene/! 
svn/bc/2347/trunk': REPORT of '/svnroot/clucene/!svn/bc/2347/trunk':  
200 OK (https://svn.sourceforge.net)

Here are the steps to reproduce:

svk depotmap /clucene <path_to_repository>
svk mirror https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/clucene/trunk /clucene/ 
trunk (anyone can try this, no authentication required)
svk sync -s 2300 /clucene/trunk

These are the specs of the two machines I got the error on:
1. Linux, Fedora Core 5, svk 1.08, svn 1.3.2
2. Mac OS X, using DarwinPorts (now Macports), svk 1.08, svn 1.4.0

Today, at work, I tried the same thing, but on a Windows XP SP2 box.  
svk version was 1.08, svn was (I think) 1.3.x.
On that configuration, it worked!

Now I have searched the internet carefully, and found a few postings  
that indicate that an invalid character in a log message might cause  
this problem. However, looking at the log of that repository, I can't  
find the culprit. Is there any easy way to find that entry, so I can  
contact therepository administrator? Can I reproduce this error with  
an svn command?

I would appreciate any help with this problem


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