[svk-devel] Confused about how to manage a forked project

Michael Brouwer mb.7766 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 24 11:49:43 EDT 2006

You don't really need a local branch at all.

A way to branching project a into repository b is

svk mirror PROJECT-A-URL //mirrors/a
svk mirror PROJECT-B-URL //mirrors/b
svk sync -a
svk mkdir -p //mirrors/b/branches -m "Made branches dir."
svk sm -B //mirrors/a/trunk //mirrors/b/branches/bbranchofa
svk co //mirrors/b/branches/bbranchofa
cd bbranchofa
[...hack away...commit changes...rinse..repeat...]
# To get upstream changes from PROJECT-A-URL use either
svk pull
# which gets you a commit in your branch for each upstream commit, or run
svk sync -a
svk sm //mirrors/a/trunk .
# resolve conflicts, test etc.
svk ci
# To make a single local commit for a set of upstream changes and allow for
local testing first.

Now any user of the PROJECT-B-URL can use either svk or just plain svn to
hack on the local branch of project-a.  Only those people actually pulling
in upstream changes need a mirror of both repositories.  In addition since
svk stores merge tracking info as properties in the branch on the
PROJECT-B-URL repository, the entire branched history is preserved in that
repository and in ever developers mirror of it.

Note that even if you have a local branch as an intermediate between the 2
mirrors such as suggested earlier in this thread, the merge history of the
project still travels with the project to whatever svn repository you sm -B
it to.


On 10/24/06, Peter Valdemar Morch <swp5jhu02 at sneakemail.com> wrote:
> In my opinion Victor brings up a great question:
> > What I need to do though is have those changes saved back to
> > server-b's SVN repository in case my local computer blows up.
> At least I have this question:
> What happens if the workstation running svk blows up. Is there any way
> to recreate an svk installation from scratch so that the next svk smerge
> from there works "properly" using only the information on server-a.com
> and server-b.com?
> Or: Would others be able to maintain server-b.com and merge "upstream"
> changes on server-a.com to server-b.com?
> Peter
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