[svk-devel] svk push confusion - plea for help

Adrian Howard adrianh at quietstars.com
Tue Apr 24 08:40:16 EDT 2007

Ok - I'm confused... if somebody could enlighten me here I'd really  
appreciate it.

This is rather long - apologies - but I'm trying to include  
everything that seems vaguely relevant. If more info is needed please  
let me know.

Using SVK 2.0.1

   % svk -v
   This is svk, version v2.0.1 (using Subversion bindings 1.4.3)

This is from the OS X build DMGs I downloaded from Best Practical -  
I've killed all other versions of SVK/SVN on my box before  
reinstalling from the DMGs

I have a mirror of my local work SVN repo:

   % svk mirror -l | grep intunet
   /intunet/mirror              svn+ssh://adrian@meshy2.intunet/var/svn

I have a local copy of that mirror in the same depot:

   % svk info /intunet/local
   Depot Path: /intunet/local
   Revision: 775
   Last Changed Rev.: 775
   Copied From: /mirror, Rev. 770
   Merged From: /mirror, Rev. 770

and a local working copy checked out from the depot local copy

   % svk info allchefs
   Checkout Path: /Users/adrianh/Desktop/projects/allchefs
   Depot Path: /intunet/local/projects/allchefs/trunk
   Revision: 775
   Last Changed Rev.: 775
   Copied From: /mirror/projects/allchefs/trunk, Rev. 766
   Copied From: /mirror/projects/yes-chef/trunk, Rev. 645
   Copied From: /mirror/templates/vanilla/trunk, Rev. 5
   Merged From: /mirror/projects/allchefs/trunk, Rev. 766
   Merged From: /mirror/projects/yes-chef/trunk, Rev. 645
   Merged From: /mirror/templates/vanilla/trunk, Rev. 5

I change a single file (lib/IWA/PayPal/Button.pm) and commit it to  
the local branch just fine.

The working copy is up-to-date.

   % svk up
   Syncing /intunet/local/projects/allchefs/trunk(/local/projects/ 
allchefs/trunk) in /Users/adrianh/Desktop/projects/allchefs to 775.
   % svk status

but when I do an svk push I get...:

   % svk push --verbatim
   Auto-merging (773, 775) /local/projects/allchefs/trunk to /mirror/ 
projects/allchefs/trunk (base /mirror/projects/yes-chef/trunk:645).
   ===> Auto-merging (773, 775) /local/projects/allchefs/trunk to / 
mirror/projects/allchefs/trunk (base /mirror/projects/yes-chef/trunk: 
   Merging back to mirror source svn+ssh://adrian@meshy2.intunet/var/ 
   g   sql/01-schema.sql
   Gg  sql
   Gg  public_html/allchefs
   g   public_html/styles/content.css
   [ ... lots more ... ]
   g   lib/IWA/Base.pm
   g   lib/IWA/DB/Object.pm
   g   lib/IWA/DB/Objects.pm
   G   lib/IWA/DB
   Conflict found in lib/IWA/PayPal/Button.pm:
   e)dit, d)iff, m)erge, s)kip, t)heirs, y)ours, h)elp? [e] s
   C   lib/IWA/PayPal/Button.pm
   G   lib/IWA/PayPal
   g   lib/IWA/Build.pm
   g   lib/IWA/Dispatch.pm
   [ ... lots more ... ]
    g  .
   New merge ticket: e0a4bcc3-72c2-4cf0-9b3f-83de80ffcb83:/local/ 
   Empty merge.
   1 conflict found.

The things that confuse me:

1) Why all the merges with the other files. I've not touched them and  
they do not appear to be different - e.g.

   % svk diff -v /intunet/mirror/projects/allchefs/trunk/lib/IWA/ 
Base.pm /intunet/local/projects/allchefs/trunk/lib/IWA/Base.pm

2) Why is the simple change I made to lib/IWA/PayPal/Button.pm being  
marked as a conflict?

   % svk diff -v /intunet/mirror/projects/allchefs/trunk/lib/IWA/ 
PayPal/Button.pm /intunet/local/projects/allchefs/trunk/lib/IWA/ 
   === Button.pm
   --- Button.pm   (/mirror/projects/allchefs/trunk/lib/IWA/PayPal/ 
Button.pm)      (revision 775)
   +++ Button.pm   (/local/projects/allchefs/trunk/lib/IWA/PayPal/ 
Button.pm)       (revision 775)
   @@ -101,6 +101,8 @@

    =over 4

   +=item B<product_names>
    =item B<new>

        my $button = IWA::PayPal::Button->new

Am I completely getting the wrong end of the stick in how to use SVK  
in this situation? I've been doing similar things at other times with  
no problems. Any clues/pointers welcome.

Any help/pointers more than welcome. I really don't want to have to  
go back to plain SVN :-)



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