[svk-devel] revision number weirdness and work stoppage

Brice Figureau brice+svk at daysofwonder.com
Thu Apr 26 05:55:07 EDT 2007


I'm sorry, I'm not a svk guru or expert, so I don't have the solution to
your problem. I'm only using svk for a few days.

On Wed, 2007-04-25 at 08:47 -0400, Michael Peters wrote:
> [mpeters at localhost krang]$ svk info
> Checkout Path: /home/mpeters/development/krang_ajax
> Depot Path: //local/krang/branches/ajax_and_new_skin
> Revision: 22354
> Last Changed Rev.: 22354
> Copied From: /mirror/krang/branches/ajax_and_new_skin, Rev. 21732
> Copied From: /mirror/krang/trunk/krang, Rev. 21585
> Merged From: /local/krang/trunk/krang, Rev. 27397
> Merged From: /mirror/krang/branches/ajax_and_new_skin, Rev. 21732
> Merged From: /mirror/krang/trunk/krang, Rev. 21585
> How can the local copy at /local/krang/trunk/krang be at revision 27397 when
> that revision doesn't exist? But more importantly, how can I fix my working
> copies or svk repo so that I can get back to work?

What gives:
svk info //local/krang/trunk/krang

Does ~/.svk/local/db/revs contains a file named 27397 ?

Maybe that's just ~/.svk/config that contains an "invalid" entry ?

And if you get a working copy of //local/krang/trunk/krang, at which
revision are you ?

Maybe fixing the config file could be enough to push your changes (this
is a complete blind suggestion).

Other than that, maybe you can push by doing a manual smerge against the
latest known revision of your current working copy. Since this still
looks like black magic to me, I won't even try to give your the correct
syntax :-)

Good luck,
Brice Figureau <brice+svk at daysofwonder.com>

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